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Choices in Notebook Computers are broken down into categories by screen size and price. Performance and Price are definitely related. The more performance you desire from your notebook the higher the price will be. The same is true for the screen size. Weight is a factor in determining the notebook you want. The operating system you choose is an important factor that effects price, so application use is another consideration that will ultimately determine the notebook you want. Also consider battery life. Higher performance, larger screen sizes, video adapters, storage capacity, and whether the hard drives are mechanical or solid state with no moving parts, all affect battery life. Ruggedness is another consideration. Certainly get what you want in the price range you can afford. Just keep in mind the more current technology and performance you can afford now, the longer useful life the notebook is going offer before it becomes obsolete. Prices & features change so frequently it is best to call first and discuss your needs rather than attempt to maintain price sheets on the web that are more often than not outdated.

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